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Thank yous!!

11 snow
I got my package in the mail from you anime friends! You are all the best and I love you so much. It seriously brightens my day so much even just to get a postcard in the mail; getting handmade stuff and books and chocolate and motherfucking TIM HORTONS COFFEE improved my day 5000%.

I also got your "Mission Accepted" sticker art and laughed for 5 minutes straight, no joke XD It's hanging proudly on my fridge.

I realised that I'll be in Canada in less than two months, so I'm just gonna bring the next batch of presents over at that time, rather than trying to wake up early on a Saturday morning to ship them. (Less than two months omgggggg. At first I was just panicked because I have to do lots of bachelorette party planning, but then I remember all the people I'll get to see in two months and it's all sunshine and rainbows.)

This has been a very happy post. If you want to walk around with a grin on your face, here's my suggestion. I actually received two packages at work yesterday. The other package came from a sex shop. There's just something about getting sex toys shipped to your work - especially your kindergarten - that puts a swing in your step. ^-^


Dec. 16th, 2013

Dear OUaT,
Fuck you.
And fuck March 9th.
If I didn't have Sherlock and Community, I might not survive the winter.
Regrettably yours,


The Expenses of the Holidays

Sherlock coffee smile
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right practical and what is easy shiny.

I'm throwing a party at my house on Christmas Day, and since that will probably involve at least one Christmas movie/TV special, I'm thinking of getting a bigger screen than just my laptop. There's a 24" HD LED monitor for about $170 which comes with a remote and a good selection of inputs (USB, HDMI, even RGB). Then I could roll DUAL MONITORS YESSSSS.

But also, winter is here. It's fucking cold. I need boots that aren't death traps on the ice ($50-$100), and I need a proper winter coat ($60-$120).

Plus I'll need to buy more supplies and decorations for the Christmas party.

Aaaaand my apartment maintenance fees are gonna be higher ($100-ish) now that I'm in a nicer place.

At least all my Christmas presents are out of the way! ...$89 in shipping fees later, ugh.

Maybe I should have taken that Samsung engineer up on his offer haha =P
Fan-made. FAN-MADE. What is reeeaaaal @_@

Begrudging "thank you" to Original Evil Steve for sharing this on facebook.

Post card fail


Omg you guys are never gonna get your postcards lol

Because of my work schedule, I can only go to the post office on saturday mornings.
4 weeks ago - Saturday class
3 weeks ago - remembered too late
2weeks ago - Saturday class
1 week ago - Busan
This week - another freaking Saturday class
Next week - moving house at 10:30 am
In 2 weeks - going to the post mail Christmas presents! Might as well just chuck your postcards in the box along with your Christmas cards lol

I actually got up early today so I could visit the post office before work, but contrary to what I thought the post office near my house is closed Saturdays. And I left Jess's at home anyways :P

So instead of the post office, I'm enjoying a fabulous chai latte before work. Merry Christmas to me!



I know we're not the kind of friends who chat about clothes all day (unless it's cosplay), but OMG fall fashion <3333 I think I'm gonna take it easy next month and just spend all my money on clothes @_@ Coats and scarves and knits and gloves and straps and buttons and dark colors and thick leggings and boots and high collars... with a hot apple cider to go. Perfection.

I love seeing what new ways people will tie their scarves each year (infinite scarf last year, remember?). This video almost seems like cheating/spoilers, but check it out and try something new! I'm currently sporting The Magic Trick (2:36).


Return of the TV Post

New schedule for a new year of telly! Mostly for my reference, but take a gander if you'd like. New shows in bold.

Sunday: Once Upon a Time, Continuum, Game of Thrones
Monday: Sleepy Hollow, Castle, 8/10 Cats s17
Tuesday: Supernatural, Agents of SHIELD
Thursday: Elementary, TBBT, Community
Friday: Hannibal

Waiting: Doctor Who, Miranda, Buzzcocks, Mock the Week, WILTY, Teen Wolf

What are you watching? Any other new shows to keep an eye on?



I finally sent the package today!! It's mostly just a bunch of little things but I hope you still enjoy your loot ^^

It was hella cheap too - around $35 to ship via airmail, and it's a decent size and weight. My favorite part was when the person working there actually told me to lie about the value so I'd escape customs taxes!

@Nell - if you do still happen to get charged, just let me know and I'll send you the money. I divided some of the smaller things into bags based on friend group, so anything that isn't for the anime group I'll just ask Kim to pick up or something :)

Costume Planning

Are we all getting excited for Halloween? Who are you dressing up as? What are you doing? Let me live vicariously through you! T_T

Actually, thanks to the expat community, I probably won't be bored for Halloween. I overheard today that our school is for sure having a Halloween party (many English kindies/hagwons do), though I'm not sure if the kids (and teachers!) are gonna dress up.

Outside of school, me and the Irish friends have been discussing what to do and what to wear, with no concrete plans yet. I'm sure it will involve drinking though.

I spent at least three hours last night thinking of what I could dress up as this year. I don't have my cosplays, I'm on a budget, I have just over a month, I don't have a sewing machine, and I'm in a foreign country. Ideally, I'd like to use onecostume for both KinderTree's party and a drinking/dancing party. CAN IT EVEN BE DONE?!

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Good Music Countdown

ESKA Heart
Only one week until Let's Rock Festival! I'm so excited, I didn't go to any music gigs in August *cry cry*

Here's some vids from the bands that I didn't already talk about in my Why You Should Go post. Why? Because it's Sunday morning and I'm feeling too sick to do anything that involves leaving the house. Also because music = happy.

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