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TV Post Strikes Back

2014~2015 TV Schedule, for personal reference.

Sunday: Once Upon a Time s4 (Sept 28)
Monday: Teen Wolf s4, TBBT s8 (Sept 22)
Tuesday: Agents of SHIELD s2 (Sept 23), Supernatural s10 (Oct 7), Castle s6 (Sept 23)
Thursday: Mock the Week s13 (Sept 11), Elementary s3 (Oct 30),
Friday: Would I Lie To You s7 (Sept 12)
Saturday: Doctor Who s8

TV Pool: Doctor Who, Miranda, Buzzcocks, Mock the Week, WILTY, OUaT, Agents of SHIELD, Hannibal, Supernatural, Castle, Continuum (March 16), Game of Thrones, Elementary, TBBT, Community, 8/10 cats, Mock the Week, Teen Wolf, Agent Carter, Sherlock


Beef Woes

Meatloaf to a typical North American = Lazy meat dish that most people don't look forward to.

Meatloaf to Jonathan = So fucking good! Why do white people complain about getting meatloaf?

Meatloaf to a foreigner in Korea = Wait, ground beef is how much?

Jonathan's birthday is this Wednesday and I'm making him birthday dinner: pepper jack mac & cheese, bacon broccoli salad, meatloaf, and a strawberry banana trifle. All pretty simple, standard fare for North America, right? I went to grab ingredients and supplies at the supermarket today, and the total was over $80. $20 of that was for 300 grams of ground beef. ONLY 300 GRAMS. And that's after I halved the recipe.

He better fucking enjoy it. 

DW World Tour: Seoul

Sooooo did I mention that the Doctor Who World Tour is coming to Korea? Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are going to 7 cities around the world to promote DW season 8. There will be a screening of episode 1 too! Tickets go on sale this Friday, but there's just over a thousand available - not enough imo, especially since they're so cheap ($10~15). There are also 2 ways to win tickets:

  • Starting Tuesday 22 July, the TARDIS will be popping up in prominent locations in Seoul. Fans who spot it can take a creative picture of themselves with the TARDIS, and tweet us in the picture showing us how much they love Doctor Who. Fans should post to their photo to Twitter with the hashtag #tardisinseoul and the most creative pictures stand to win tickets to the fan event. The TARDIS locations will be announced on our Twitter account @doctorwho_kor with the first location posted on Monday 21 July at 9pm Korea time. The full competition terms and conditions will be posted on Fans can start tweeting their entries from 12 noon on Tuesday 22 July until 11.59pm Sunday 27 July when the competition closes (all times KST).

  • Fans who aren't able to spot the TARDIS in Seoul can still win tickets to the event. A template for a mini cut-out TARDIS will be shared on Twitter at doctorwho_kor. Fans will be able to download this to use in their photos. Similar to the first competition, the most creative pictures, hashtagged #tardisinseoul stand to win tickets. The exact start date and time of this competition will be announced on Twitter."

I'm trying to think of some good ideas, and I told Jonathan to start brainstorming too. Still, we could use your ideas if have any!!

Canada Trip 2: Not a Holiday

I'm on my 3rd day back in Canada! No time to relax though. This is my week basically:

Tuesday: Couldn't sleep at all on overnight flight. Arrived in Vancouver airport at 2pm, back home at 4pm, left with Kim to go buy bridesmaid shoes at 4:15, then dinner, then bridal shower planning (Vegas theme! (their honeymoon destination)), then bridal shower shopping. All of this jetlagged with a headache. Home just before midnight.

Wednesday: Wake up, start collecting graphics etc for bridal shower printouts, hair cut with Kim at 11, go home and make all the printouts while the rest of the bridesmaids shop for shower supplies, drive to shower location to decorate and prep all food, guests come at 6:30, leave at 8:30, clean up, go to someone's house for more wedding planning/prep, head back home with Kim to get work done on NES cake, in bed before 1am.

Thursday (today): Wake up at 4:30 am because sleeping schedule is fucked, complete final draft and print of MoH speech, get nails done at 10, head to Charissa's nana's house to help set up for wedding, dinner, go home and get as much done on cake as possible.

Friday: Finish cake, help with whatever Charissa needs, rehearsal dinner in the evening, practice speech, try to get to bed early HAHA probably not happening.

Saturday: Get hair curled at Chatters, get dressed and do makeup with the bridal party with pre-drinks probably haha, head to nana's for wedding, walk down aisle without tripping, photos, dinner, try not to fuck up speech, dancing, then go home to grab all my stuff because I leave for the airport at midnight.

So yeah this is why I can't hang out with anyone this trip >< I really wish i could though! I'll post wedding photos on LJ when I have some.

p.s. Side story: So in Korea the night before my flight, I was packing all my shit up. My house was far more messy than usual, I was naked, and I had a sock on my head to try the sock bun curling technique. The doorbell rings. Fuck fuck fuck. Maintenance guy? Mailman? Door-to-door Christians? Fuck it, I'll pretend I'm not here. I hear the numbers being pressed into the keypad. (Most doors in Korea have pincodes to open them, not keys.) Fuckfuckfuck. I yank a t-shirt from the closet, hold it up in front of my chest because I don't have time to put it on, race to the door, and--- it's Jonathan. ^-^ I wasn't able to see him the weekend before my flight because I was at Soundholic Music Festival, so he came to surprise me :) I might have done a bit of a happy cry. He stayed over, and the next morning he handed me a letter to open if (when) I miss him at the wedding. I haven't read it yet, but so far the jokes are that it's either (a) a letter confessing he's joined the travelling circus, or (b) a sketch of his dick. 

Doctor Who: World Tour

Guess what? It's coming to....

Cardiff, London, Sydney, New York, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and.... SEOUL!!

Who'd have thought the odds of catching an official Doctor Who event would be better in Korea than Canada?

p.s. thanks to Jonathan for the tip. It's good to date a nerd.

Thank yous!!

11 snow
I got my package in the mail from you anime friends! You are all the best and I love you so much. It seriously brightens my day so much even just to get a postcard in the mail; getting handmade stuff and books and chocolate and motherfucking TIM HORTONS COFFEE improved my day 5000%.

I also got your "Mission Accepted" sticker art and laughed for 5 minutes straight, no joke XD It's hanging proudly on my fridge.

I realised that I'll be in Canada in less than two months, so I'm just gonna bring the next batch of presents over at that time, rather than trying to wake up early on a Saturday morning to ship them. (Less than two months omgggggg. At first I was just panicked because I have to do lots of bachelorette party planning, but then I remember all the people I'll get to see in two months and it's all sunshine and rainbows.)

This has been a very happy post. If you want to walk around with a grin on your face, here's my suggestion. I actually received two packages at work yesterday. The other package came from a sex shop. There's just something about getting sex toys shipped to your work - especially your kindergarten - that puts a swing in your step. ^-^


Dec. 16th, 2013

Dear OUaT,
Fuck you.
And fuck March 9th.
If I didn't have Sherlock and Community, I might not survive the winter.
Regrettably yours,


The Expenses of the Holidays

Sherlock coffee smile
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right practical and what is easy shiny.

I'm throwing a party at my house on Christmas Day, and since that will probably involve at least one Christmas movie/TV special, I'm thinking of getting a bigger screen than just my laptop. There's a 24" HD LED monitor for about $170 which comes with a remote and a good selection of inputs (USB, HDMI, even RGB). Then I could roll DUAL MONITORS YESSSSS.

But also, winter is here. It's fucking cold. I need boots that aren't death traps on the ice ($50-$100), and I need a proper winter coat ($60-$120).

Plus I'll need to buy more supplies and decorations for the Christmas party.

Aaaaand my apartment maintenance fees are gonna be higher ($100-ish) now that I'm in a nicer place.

At least all my Christmas presents are out of the way! ...$89 in shipping fees later, ugh.

Maybe I should have taken that Samsung engineer up on his offer haha =P
Fan-made. FAN-MADE. What is reeeaaaal @_@

Begrudging "thank you" to Original Evil Steve for sharing this on facebook.

Post card fail


Omg you guys are never gonna get your postcards lol

Because of my work schedule, I can only go to the post office on saturday mornings.
4 weeks ago - Saturday class
3 weeks ago - remembered too late
2weeks ago - Saturday class
1 week ago - Busan
This week - another freaking Saturday class
Next week - moving house at 10:30 am
In 2 weeks - going to the post mail Christmas presents! Might as well just chuck your postcards in the box along with your Christmas cards lol

I actually got up early today so I could visit the post office before work, but contrary to what I thought the post office near my house is closed Saturdays. And I left Jess's at home anyways :P

So instead of the post office, I'm enjoying a fabulous chai latte before work. Merry Christmas to me!