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It's my birthday tomorrow and I've barely given it any thought because weddiiiinnnnngggg has taken over the entire planning section of my brain. So stressful. I tried to go the whole weekend without worrying about the big event at all, but that only lasted until about 10am on Saturday when I woke up and checked my email and facebook.                                          

So now I am stressing about the wedding AND about wtf I want to do tomorrow night. Halp.

This is why I told Jona we should just elope...


The package came yesterday!!!!! Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!

I'm trying to pace myself with the goodies. Did you know America doesn't have cherry blasters? Or maybe they do, and Jonathan somehow went through life without them... until yesterday. I love the variety of mac & cheese too. And mini eggs XD And the random stickers. And your lovely letters <3333333 I'm doing a potluck with Jonathan and my coworkers this Saturday, I'll probably bring along some things to share. Tis the expat way.

There's only one thing on the box I didn't like: the packing slip. Jesus Christ Canada Post, I pay less than that for express delivery!

Anyways, thank you so much! You know who you are. And please pass massive thank yous and hugs and glomps (is that still a thing?) to the weirdos who don't have/don't check livejournal. 


My new time-waster

Soooo I started playing a new game! It's not actually new, it's just new to me. It's..... Marvel Heroes 2015 ^^

It's an MMO similar to Torchlight or Diablo, if you're familiar with those, except with Marvel characters (and not just ones from the movies). It's available on both Mac and PC, and the system requirements are pretty low. Most importantly, it's FREE! If you do end up installing it, let me know and we can play together ;D It's pretty fun so far!


I'm Not In Thailand

...but I wish I were.

Jonathan bought his friend Nicole a ticket to Korea and she got here last week! And since she was coming to Asia anyways, she bought tickets for them both to go to Thailand in the middle of the trip. Which is right now :( So today, while Korea had shit grey drizzly weather, Jonathan was sipping beer at a perfect-looking beach and getting a massage. What an asshole.

He happened to be there for the last day of some water festival, which is apparently a day when everyone throws buckets of water at people's faces. They didn't know at first, so they had their passports on them! Luckily all the important things were okay in the end.

I want to do a holiday with Jona soon, but SLP has set holidays so mine doesn't come until July or August, I forget. Boo. 

Cheap & Lazy Lasagne

Cooking food from home can be really annoying in Korea, partly because imported ingredients can be rare or pricey, partly because chances are your apartment doesn't come with an oven. Jonathan and I made lazy lasagne the other week. It was super good for being so simple, and for being microwaved rather than baked! It's still not quite Korea-friendly, since it uses KD which we only have because Jona's mom shipped some over. Thankfully it skips the ricotta, which you can find in Korea but it's double the price.

-1 box Kraft Dinner
-1 cup tomato pasta sauce
- small thing of ground beef/pork, or some lasagne veggies instead
- diced onion (I think we did a whole one?)
- 1 cup shredded cheese (we used mozza, with a bit of parmesan on top)

-Make KD by normal instructions and set aside.
-Fry up all your filling (meat/veggies, onion, etc) and mix with pasta sauce.
-Layer KD, filling, cheese, KD, filling, cheese, with a bit of parmesan on top, in a microwave safe dish.
-Microwave for 10 minutes or until heated.




I mentioned that it would be nice to go out on a dress-up (not cosplay!) date sometime, so Jonathan took me out to a jazz bar called "Once in a Blue Moon" on Saturday. We got seats on the second floor near the indoor balcony overlooking the band. Very romance!

Also, last week he got a Costco card so he could buy pumpkin pie, but he surprised me with a slow cooker (!) and a couple jars of non-sweet pickles. (Korea's all about sweet pickles. Bleh.)

So basically what this adds up to is MORE pressure to find awesome Christmas gifts for him T_T


Technology is really keeping us apart... keeping MY FIST apart from YOUR FACE.

Backtracking: I decided to walk music-less to school for a change. Instead of having productive or reflective* thoughts, I ended up thinking about everything and everyone** that has pissed me off in the last few years. (Don't worry, none of you were involved :P)

Guess what, children? We have a special visitor today. She's my evil twin. Don't piss her off.

*Though I guess anger counts as reflection.
**Well, not allllll of it. That would have required a much longer walk.

TV Post Strikes Back

2014~2015 TV Schedule, for personal reference.

Monday: Teen Wolf s5 (June 29th)


TV Pool: Doctor Who, Miranda, Buzzcocks, Mock the Week, WILTY, OUaT, Agents of SHIELD, Hannibal, Supernatural, Castle, Continuum (March 16), Game of Thrones, Elementary, TBBT, Community, 8/10 cats, Mock the Week, Teen Wolf, Agent Carter, Sherlock, Galavant,


Beef Woes

Meatloaf to a typical North American = Lazy meat dish that most people don't look forward to.

Meatloaf to Jonathan = So fucking good! Why do white people complain about getting meatloaf?

Meatloaf to a foreigner in Korea = Wait, ground beef is how much?

Jonathan's birthday is this Wednesday and I'm making him birthday dinner: pepper jack mac & cheese, bacon broccoli salad, meatloaf, and a strawberry banana trifle. All pretty simple, standard fare for North America, right? I went to grab ingredients and supplies at the supermarket today, and the total was over $80. $20 of that was for 300 grams of ground beef. ONLY 300 GRAMS. And that's after I halved the recipe.

He better fucking enjoy it. 

DW World Tour: Seoul

Sooooo did I mention that the Doctor Who World Tour is coming to Korea? Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are going to 7 cities around the world to promote DW season 8. There will be a screening of episode 1 too! Tickets go on sale this Friday, but there's just over a thousand available - not enough imo, especially since they're so cheap ($10~15). There are also 2 ways to win tickets:

  • Starting Tuesday 22 July, the TARDIS will be popping up in prominent locations in Seoul. Fans who spot it can take a creative picture of themselves with the TARDIS, and tweet us in the picture showing us how much they love Doctor Who. Fans should post to their photo to Twitter with the hashtag #tardisinseoul and the most creative pictures stand to win tickets to the fan event. The TARDIS locations will be announced on our Twitter account @doctorwho_kor with the first location posted on Monday 21 July at 9pm Korea time. The full competition terms and conditions will be posted on www.doctorwho.tv/worldtour. Fans can start tweeting their entries from 12 noon on Tuesday 22 July until 11.59pm Sunday 27 July when the competition closes (all times KST).

  • Fans who aren't able to spot the TARDIS in Seoul can still win tickets to the event. A template for a mini cut-out TARDIS will be shared on Twitter at doctorwho_kor. Fans will be able to download this to use in their photos. Similar to the first competition, the most creative pictures, hashtagged #tardisinseoul stand to win tickets. The exact start date and time of this competition will be announced on Twitter."

I'm trying to think of some good ideas, and I told Jonathan to start brainstorming too. Still, we could use your ideas if have any!!